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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bermuda End-to-End Walk

Last May, we participated in Bermuda's largest charity event, End-to-End Walk. This is held annually and this year more than 2,500 participated (locals and tourists) and raised more than $300,000. It is called end-to-end walk because the main event is literally to walk from one end of the island to another which is a little over 24 miles. For those who can't do 24-mile walk, there's middle-to-end (MTE) category which is about 15 miles. The third cateogry for walkers is the "Fun Raising Walk" which we signed up for. It was designed for families with little children which was only a 3-mile walk. I was quite surprised that my son never complained nor asked to be carried, not once! He was beaming with pride and loved the rewards and medal given to him when we reached the finish line.

The other options for the event were for: cyclists, swimmers, rowers and equestrians. Anyways, it's always fun to participate in events like this especially if it's for a charity.

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