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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cassava Chips

Finally, I can start posting after a whole night's work of searching for the best blog site and setting up this blog. Almost given up on this template but I kept coming back for it. I'm a 'Diva' so I must use this DIVAlicious theme. ^.~

I'm not quite done yet so please bear with me if my blog will keep changing ;) (hehe I hope I'll be done posting before the maintenance so I'll make it short and sweet [while eating cassava chips]) ^,^

As you can see, I'm proud of my family so I'm showing off photo of the happy Quance family (me, Sean and Elijah) which was taken by my sister, Joy in Manila 2 years ago during our visit. :) More family photos will be posted soon!

Anyways, hopefully this is gonna be my "home" to share my thoughts, share daily adventures with my family and a lot more (e.g. being a woman, cooking recipes, parenthood, etc.) in random order.


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