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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Going Home (maybe for GOOD this time) with my boys, of course :) ... back to the "Pearl of the Orient Seas"

It has been a decade since I left Philippines to work in Saudi Arabia. Coincidentally, Sean arrived there too just a few days earlier than me to work for the same company. Yes, our life-long journey together started in Saudi (but the best and happiest reminiscence didn't start from there because I consider living there a nightmare -don't ask! that's a different chapter I don't want to talk about... yet). We consider ourselves now as expert "movers" because we've moved (fasten your seat-belts before take-off!) from Saudi Arabia to Hong Kong to Canada to England to Bermuda. And, in between, a few weeks in Ireland, Switzerland and maybe others that I can't recall at the moment. Nonetheless this time, it's gonna be a 'big move' because we are finally going to settle down... in my homeland, Philippines a.k.a. "Pearl of the Orient Seas". For a week, we've been waiting for my husband's written offer from Manila and it arrived this morning. So, the inevitable has come: organizing, sorting and packing for umpteenth time! Fingers-crossed, we won't need to do this again because we 'plan to finally settle down' especially for the sake of our fast-growing son. I haven't told my family yet because I don't want them to get too excited and I wanted to be sure first. As I told Sean to cease from mentioning it to anyone until we have in our hands the 'offer'. On the contrary, I'm not really sure how to feel about this. A decade living in other countries and approximately 6 visits in between, my emotion about going back home is mixed up of excitement, anxiousness, bafflement and such. It's actually indescribable feeling while reminiscing about the past and putting together things that has been said and done, good or bad, happy or sad moments. I better start organizing and sorting then. bbl

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