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Friday, August 8, 2008

Filter Keys

Earlier, I was messing about with my blog template while watching "Dinner:Impossible" with Chef Robert Irvine (pictured on the left - who has been 'dropped' and been replaced for "embellishing" his culinary background - but I love him so I will miss him terribly ; ; ). So anyways, my eyes were glued on tv while my finger was on 'shift' key, then I heard a "bleep" and this popped on my screen: Somehow, I accidentally hit 'enter' key without reading thoroughly the message. Consequently, FilterKeys were kept turned on. This means keys were scrambled e.g. pressing CAPSLOCK = lower case, pressing alt+tab will tab from right to left, number keys are reversed too and so on. In times like this, solution is right at the tip of the fingers. So, I did a quick search how to solve this and yup, I found the answer. I did the short and quick solution: "pressing 2 shift keys at the same time" and it did the magic. If others experience the same, click and follow this GUIDE for more permanent remedy: bbl

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