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Monday, August 11, 2008

Germophobe ~ Follow-Up

With reference to "Germophobe" I posted a couple of days ago, here are some ways we can avoid catching germs outdoors (and bringing them home and multiply with home-based germs) as recommended by Connie Morbach, scientist and germ expert: - Keep purses off the floor! Connie says they won't be exposed to as many germs if you keep them off the floor especially in a restroom or restaurant. Geca: never ever ever put your purses down on any floor! - Carry a hook: You'll always have a spot above the floor for your purse if you bring a hook. Geca: Wipe off everything before you touch anything with your bare hands or before hanging your purse on a hook. If there's no hook, just keep your purse on your shoulder. :P - Use anti-bacterial wipes: If you do need to place your bag on a park bench or in a grocery store cart where juices may drip from turkey and chicken packs, Connie suggests using an anti-bacterial wipe if the bag is leather. "Wipe it off. Make it part of the day," she instructs. "Would you walk on your kitchen counter before you made dinner? Probably not, but if your purse has been sitting on the floor in a restroom, in a restaurant, or on a grocery cart where food has spilled ... it's the same as carrying those items home and serving them for dinner." For cloth purses she suggests using Febreze antimicrobial spray but says the best approach is to wash your bag. Geca: You can never be too careful. Stay away from germs to stay healthy. bbl

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