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Saturday, August 9, 2008


I'm not this super squeaky-clean strict person (I'm quite lazy tbh... ooppps ) but I'm paranoid with germs.
I always stock up the bathrooms and the kitchen with anti-bacterial cleaning sprays, creams, handwash and wipes. In my purse, I always carry anti-bacterial wipes and anti-bacterial gel. Whenever we go out, I don't drink anything at least half an hour before and I always send Elijah to go for a wee before heading out so that, fingers-crossed, we won't need to use public restrooms. (But my son is like a factory of wee because he always needs to go almost every hour!) Anyways, if my son needs to use a public loo, I don't touch the door handles with just bare hands but with a tissue. If the loo has got no disposable toilet seat paper, I cover the seat with either paper towel or toilet roll. Then, I'd use another towel to flush. If there's no anti-bacterial handwash in the public loo, no problemo! because I have some in my purse. I never put my purse down on any floor whether at home or at public places. I'd shout at Sean whenever he puts my purse down. You never know what's on the floor of restaurants, restrooms and shops. Even Elijah has learnt to disgust dirt so now he always wash his hands too whenever he sees or thinks his hands are dirty. He knows well that germs are sickening. I am very careful in the kitchen as well. I don't trust anyone (not even Sean) to keep the kitchen worktop, chopping board, kitchen utensils, pots and most especially, food to be germ-free. So yeah this is how paranoid I am about germs. I don't even let Sean anywhere near me if I know he's got dirty hands. He's got to wash with anti-bacterial liquid soap first! This is just the gist of it all. Anyways, a segment on Rachel Ray show prompt me about this subject. On the show, they featured a mother of 4 who is a self-proclaimed germophobe. I don't know who's worse - me or her - but one of our differences is that she puts down her purse on public floors even in the restrooms. ewww!!!
So they did tests and these are what they found on the purse: Pantoea: "This is associated with urinary tract infections and intestinal infections. Some of the places you might find it might be on a park bench. Definitely not something we want to carry home and put on our kitchen counters."

E.Coli: “This is an organism that is found in animal and human feces, definitely not what we expect to find on a purse, and can be quite dangerous. Some of the strains have been deadly.

Yeast: "They can cause oral infections, yeast infections in adults. We might find it on a park bench if it's wet, particularly in a shaded area."

Staphylococcus: “Could be dangerous if it happens to be an antibiotic resistant form of staff. It can cause some pretty serious infections."

Acknowledgment: Rachel Ray Show


  1. I'm sure I've put my purse on the floor before, it's not ideal, but it's happened. I'll think twice before I do that again, because I do put it on the kitchen counter when I get home. I'll have to rethink that too. EWWWWW!

  2. Hi Mommyto2,

    I'm glad this caught your attention.

    Let's spread the "word" not the germs .




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