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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love at First Sight... in the most unromantic environment!

“Ms. Quen, wake up, it’s finished. You gave birth to a baby boy!”, a Chinese nurse waking me up gently, with a smile.

I’m not Ms. Quen but that’s how she pronounced my real name, well, no one can ever pronounce it so I don't mind.

I heard him screaming and crying for something only a mother knows what: he was suddenly out of the womb and hearing unfamiliar voices, different language (Chinese).
This was originally posted on 19th of August 2008.

I tried to lift my hands but I can’t. After almost a whole day of labour which eventually lead to emergency caesarian, I didn’t have energy at all. So, I used little energy left in me to speak up and say,

“It’s okay baby, Mommy is here”.

Wow! for the first time I said those words: baby, Mommy.

I’m a Mommy!

I was so glad that when he was still in my womb I always talked to him, sang for him and played music for him so that when he gets out he will recognize me, with my voice.

He stopped crying at once, no kidding! And bobbed his head to look where is that familiar voice coming from. For the first time, we met and looked into each others eyes.

Oh my God! He is beautiful! I fell in love instantly.

So, it’s true! Love at first sight can happen ...even in the most unromantic environment. This is a couple of minutes' event that I will treasure and nothing or no one can take away that precious moment from me and my son.

The nurse carrying my baby put him on my chest long enough for us to stare at each other before I fell into deep sleep again.

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