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Monday, August 18, 2008

Neat-freaks vs. Germophobes

As I previously mentioned (on Germophobe post) I dislike anything (or anyone) that may have germs on. However, I wasn't convinced that I am a germophobe and I was going to continue to deny it until I came across and read this article today:
Germophobia is an apprehension concerning germs however it has nothing to do with neatness and everything to do with microscopic filth. In fact, the neatest people are actually the biggest germ offenders.
I really thought germophobe and neat-freaks are the same that's why I don't proclaim myself as a germophobe. That explains my denial because I'm not a neat-freak (on the contrary, I like things organized and on schedule... isn't life full of contradictories?). Nonetheless, I'm not totally a germophobe. A clinical psychologist was quoted:
Germophobes dread the following:
  • ATMs
  • computer keyboards
  • handrails
  • library books
  • babies
I don't dread touching those except the public restrooms. And, I just generally practice a little common sense so I reduce the chance for bacterial and viral infections. As mentioned in yet another article:
There should be no abnormal concern that not following good measures will have dire ramifications.
Therefore, I will continue to lead a personal crusade against germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi by washing hands regularly and thoroughly.bbl

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