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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Au revoir Divalicious!

Okay this is my final template, promise! lol (as long as I don't see another one that I might like or love or want just because it's cute or girly or whatever!)
Before I say goodbye to Divalicious (I meant that old template I used, that one with pretty woman showing her bare back), I tried my best to make it “work” for me because I’m a Diva! I added and tried to enhance the features of divalicious by tweaking and adding widgets. But I wasn’t quite happy even after all the tweaks I did so I ended up ditching it because of restricted and narrow layout. However, if anyone wants that Divalicious template, download it from HERE. Then, I will share how I tweaked Divalicious. I love messing about with my websites although I am no expert. But I do lots of research on the web and try to comprehend as much as I can. Most of the time, I’d stare at all these codes (HTML, CSS, etc.) for ages, pull my hair and ask myself, “What the heck am I staring at?! Where is that “thingy” he (the author) is talking about?!”
It’s very confusing and intimidating but thanks to those who gladly share their knowledge and explain everything in layman’s term. For this new template, it’s a brand new one from that I found last night. I worked the whole night until dawn to change my template and update and redo all tweaks I did on divalicious. And finally, I'm quite happy with the result so this is it! (nah I'm kidding myself... I'll keep changing it until I get sick of this and gets lost! well I won't change the template anymore as promised)
Anyways, it’s past midnight again so I think I’ll call it a night. I will share tomorrow how I did the peek-a-boo post, recent comments, blogroll dropdown, label cloud, and changing the template’s background with your own image for those who want to tweak their own. So long Divalicious! Ciao! Au revoir! Auf wiedersehen! Paalam! Adios! nn

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