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Friday, August 8, 2008


There are loadsssssss to sort! I don't know which one to pick first! (well, I never really know which is which because somehow I get attached to all our stuff and it's hard to say goodbye because they're mine!) :P Our objective this time is to get rid all of our furnitures and hopefully most of Elijah's toys. We will put up all our furnitures for sale through e-moo. However, it's gonna be a lot of hardwork though convincing him to give away his toys because he kept insisting that he loves all of them. When we told him that we are going to give his old toys to kids who doesn't have toys and that will make them happy, he looked as if he thought about it and sort of agreed. Inaudibly, he said, "Okay" and added, "but not my favourite toys!" Well, I'm not giving away his superman because I believe that one is a limited edition. :P bbl

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