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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tweaking Blogger Template

As previously mentioned, here's how I tweaked my blogger template and I'd say they are some of the best solutions that hackers have done for bloggers: (I'm talking about "good guys' hack" not those hackers who steal IDs and do unimaginable things). First and foremost important rule to remember when messing about with your own template: DOWNLOAD the original so you can easily get back to it when tweaking doesn't work out or you get lost and want to start again. 1. "Peek-a-boo View" - I love this one because it bores me to death if I have to browse a very looong article and will take ages to get to the next one. The purpose of peek-a-boo hack solves that. "Summary of post" is shown to let visitors preview and browse through the titles of each posts and decide which one to "read more". When "read more" is clicked the full post appears on the same page... peek-a-boo! Click HERE for Peek-a-boo View instructions. 2. "Recent Comments" - I think this is a charmer. The number of comments and characters can be easily customized. Follow these steps to create your own "recent comments. 3. "Blogroll Dropdown" - I did a search for this so that all my favourite blogs/sites are listed and it doesn't occupy too much space. Here's where I found the easiest way to do it. Tedious but worthy. 4. "Label Cloud" - Here's how to make your labels (or categories) pretty in sight and, again, not occupying a loooong space on the sidebar: follow these steps. 5. "Change Template Background" - Wouldn't you want your own blog to have a personal touch by adding up your own choice of image as a background? Here's a complete guide to change your template background. There's more out there on the web waiting for you to discover the magic of tweaking. Meanwhile, have fun tweaking your own blogs with these 'hacks'. Kudos to blog tweakers!

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