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Monday, August 11, 2008

Vertical Lines on Qosmio G20

A week ago, a pink vertical line appeared across my G20 screen. I've contemplated doing a research about this as soon as I saw this pink vertical line but thought this line might go away or fade. However, a new line has appeared next to it today and it's yellow. Therefore it's time to google it. ^.~
I found out that I'm not the only one having this "vertical lines on screen" issue. The same happens also to other models and on other brands. Some say, the culprit is the graphics card while others say that screen is dying i.e. needs replacing. To test whether it's a graphic card problem or just the screen, I hooked up my G20 to a PC monitor. (To change display to the external monitor, press FN+F5.) Result: no vertical lines appearing on the external monitor. Hence, my G20 screen is indeed going down the "death row". I'll wait until we land and settle in the "Pearl of the Orient Seas" before deciding on ordering for a replacement. bbl

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