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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding at the Beach

Elijah and I were invited by Eureka to go to Jobson Cove beach at 6pm with her son, Scott (who is Elijah's best friend at school). It was a hot sunny day and we weren't busy so I accepted the invitation. This will be different experience for my son because I prefer going to the beach early in the morning to catch the morning sun. As soon as we arrived at the beach, the boys went running excitedly towards the water. Eureka and I were still gathering the towels and other beach stuff when Elijah ran back to say that we can't go to the beach. Jobson cove is almost completely concealed and enclosed by cliffs and separate from the open sea (hence, why it's one of the favourites among families with young children) so we can't see what's going on from the parking lot. At first, I thought an accident happened because from a distance I saw people standing and staring at something and there was also one uniformed Bermudian guy looking in the same direction. So I yelled to the kids to get back and I ran to check what's going on. But to my surprise there was a small group of people gathered for a very special occasion, a wedding! How sweet and romantic! The ceremony was about to finish when we reached the cove so I only managed a couple of shots of the group - without a clear shot of bride and groom. :P

The pastor. (I think)

The wedding entourage left

so it's time to build sand castle.

Elijah and Scott


  1. i love beach weddings... it so solemn and unique. your elijah is cute!

  2. Hey Bing!

    Me too, I love beach weddings... so romantic and sweet!

    Thanks for the compliment.


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