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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hairy Food on Hell's Kitchen! @,@

I love cooking. Well to be perfectly clear, I love experimenting in the kitchen. So, I took gourmet cooking class and I also watch cooking shows to learn techniques (still not a good cook though :P ) My recent fascination is watching Gordon Ramsay's mentor Marco Pierre White on Hell's Kitchen (this was, I believe, shown in England last year). I never knew him but my husband told me about him:
By the age of 33, Marco Pierre White had been awarded three Michelin stars, becoming the youngest British bestowed with this accolade.
Known for being foul-mouthed, volatile and controversial, Marco Pierre White was the enfant terrible of the British kitchen through the 1980s and 1990s. His verbal and physical brutalizing of other chefs and diners was the stuff of legend his cooking the stuff of genius.
In spite of Marco's accomplishments and fame, he was not quite contented or something irked him so he gave up his Michelin stars and he stepped away from the stove for eight years. So, he's back on the limelight and I really admire him the way he handles issues that arise on the Hell's Kitchen even when he sends customers away for complaining, it's hilarious to be honest. However, last night was a disappointment and realization of his messiness. One customer (or two) found a strand of Marco's hair on her food but he just dismissed her with no apology.
I admire his dedication, passion, drive and frankness but that was so unhygienic! I wish an international law can be made that all Chefs and Cooks worldwide should wear hairnet or a hat to pull the hair back. On the other hand, if I was that woman, I would not bother waltzing towards Marco knowing his reputation. She should have just talked to Maitre D’ Nicholas. Anyways, here is Marco's advice to young Chefs:
To realise your potential, first understand why you are doing what you are doing. What is your motivation? If you are prepared to invest the time and have the capability of a star, go and get it. But don't lie to yourself. Be a realist: only work for something you truly want, something that's possible within yourself.

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