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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Going Home!

To inspire me and my fellow Filipinos living abroad, here's a clip to remind us how beautiful Philippines is. I don't know some of the artists here but, hey they are good huh! Mabuhay Pilipino!
Hurray! After ten years away living in different countries, I am finally going back home. This time it's for good! Thank God we got this great opportunity to settle down in the best paradise of the world: Philippines. This time it's official because we just booked our flights. Our papers took longer than we anticipated, in fact we should have been gone last week, but better late than never! Hence, we are extremely busy these past couple of weeks rushing documents, packing up stuff for shipping, throwing things that are not worthy shipping or giving away and filling suitcases while our son helps by "sorting" his toys. On the other hand, despite my excitement going back home, I am dreading the thought of heat, humidity, traffic, etc. However, if we survived living in 5 different countries in the last decade, then we should be perfectly alright to live in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. I, myself, will have to adjust but I'm sure my sisters will be there to help me as they always do whenever I go home for a holiday. Anyways, almost finished sorting and ready for shipping company to pack and pick up our stuff. Here's some of our stuff sorted for shipping (others are in the other room):

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