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Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog Awards Day

Ironically, I got this Blog Award during my absence in the world of blogging. It's like at work, sometime ago, I have been getting nominations for "Employee of the Month". Nonetheless, I finally got this 'title' when I went away for a holiday break! Anyways, I am passing this Blog Award which was thoughtfully awarded to me by Yileen, the spicy Asian writer of Dreamer. These are the bloggers who seem to be genuine and they inspire me to keep blogging

Once again, a zillion thanks to you Yileen for being generous.

so they deserve to receive this award:
  • Varun - writer of Varun's Vagaries - for genuinely sharing his thoughts even on the most controversial article (e.g. Racism Around the World) , which no other would like to involve themselves with.
  • Kevin - writer of KHarvee - this young man bravely shares his innermost thoughts whether his mushy feelings or about other bloggers' attitude in general.
  • Narissa - writer of Warmstone - she is a blogger from the Philippines who shares her honest thoughts and wisdom to her avid readers.
  • Tea - writer of Tea512 - a blogger who writes about what seems to be important that everyone should know e.g. politics, hollywood, etc.
  • Keren - writer of Webnomena - a no non-sense blogger who educates other bloggers e.g. better sources in blogging, comparing online social networking, etc.
  • Amy - writer of Amy Grindhouse - for being brutally frank and talks smack about hollywood. This blog is sooo fetch! (If you know what I mean)
  • Ranu - writer of "Breaking Barriers" - Women in Police Services - for taking time to share about "women power" in police service.
  • Tommy - writer of E-mail Rubbish - for entertaining readers and cleverly making use of those rubbish joke e-mails.
Now it's your turn to pass this blog award to eight deserving bloggers.

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