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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Love to Hate Me... Or Hate to Love Me?

My husband laughed when I mentioned that another blogger seems amused with one part of my blog profile which says, "love-hate relationship with husband".
yileeen: Hello Geca! Thanks for dropping by! the "love-hate relationship with husband" bit
Smiling he said, "You meant: you love to hate me". I hugged him and said, "No, of course not, Honey". He slightly pushed me back to look straight into my eyes and corrected himself saying, "No, no, no! You meant: you hate to love me" then pouted his lips and did a pretend-cry. We both laughed at the thought of those phrases then went on sorting and/or packing our stuff for shipping while our five-year-old son "helps" by messing them all for us. :) I proudly say that our love for each other is incomparable to any other married couples around the world, no ifs and no buts. Altogether, we have known each other for ten years but it seems and feels like longer than that. Ten years ago, unbeknown to us that we are destined to meet, my husband-to-be and I arrived almost at the same time in Saudi Arabia to work under the same company, coming from different "ends" of the world. One weekend, we were introduced to each other by a common friend, at a beach resort which was owned by our employer. We did not hit it off right away but we became really good friends who share the same silly jokes and absolutely no pretense. Respect for each other was there and maybe "love" was already there, too. However, I guess, we did not realize it sooner because we were both involved with someone else (on the contrary, he vehemently denies involvement with any girls in Saudi). Anyways, (skipping our own history) why "love-hate relationship"? As I mentioned above, our love is incomparable, without question and beyond doubt. I never ever hate my husband per se, even if I shout at him sometimes (alright, I should say "all the time"). I just generally dislike men for their ways, e.g. not putting things back to where they were, misplacing things all over the place (like keys) and so on, but most especially, for being unhygienic. Nonetheless, our love for each other is more powerful than anything that keeps us united in thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes, through thick and thin, rain or shine.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Ana Cláudia Matos! @.@

My Sexy Brazilian Name is:
Ana Cláudia Matos

Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy Bee

At the moment, I feel like "can't be bothered" to keep blogging because of various reasons. First, my laptop is unfortunately malfunctioning ridiculously! This Qosmio G20 costed us over a thousand quid 3 years ago, now it's a pain in the £££. My husband and I did try to fix it yet it's still doing the same thing. (Everything in my laptop were transferred to an external hard drive then re-installed everything back together.) Its behaving at the moment so I'll try my best to type as fast I could to update this blog. I could blog on our pc but I refuse to use it because it's uncomfortable to sit on our home-office chair. Anyway, the second reason for not blogging (and not answering e-mails) for awhile now is that we are busy sorting all our stuff (e.g. furnitures, clothes, books, etc.), getting ready to pack things up for shipping (as I mentioned about a month ago, we are moving to the Pearl of the Orient Seas real soon). My step-son and his girlfriend were here visiting us for two weeks and flew back to England last weekend. So, the last couple of weeks, we were busy going around Bermuda beaches as much as we can whenever weather permits. Hence, we are all beautifully tanned again. With that said, we just started sorting stuff as soon as they left. Tomorrow people from shipping company are coming by to survey how much stuff we are sending so I have to sort loads of stuff this morning then later this afternoon I have to go to US Consulate to pick up my passport then go shop for some grocery necessities then back sorting stuff again before night ends. rrraahhhh! lots to do! Additional to-do on my list is my project before leaving Bermuda: to photograph Bermuda as much as I can either with my D40x or my old small-and-handy digicam or my husband's small digicam. I will certainly post some photos if I do get "decent" shots. brb

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