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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Day of School

The time has come for new school year (here in the Philippines). This is the time of year that parents and school children wake up very early, as early as 4:00am for
The photograph was taken 2 years ago. Elijah's first day of school as Kinder 2, in La Salle Greenhills.
others. I wake up at around 4:30am then wake my son up just before 5:00am.

Most Filipino families wake up around this time so parents can prepare breakfast, pack lunch for kids and get the school uniforms ready for kids. Important to mention too, that an early head start is essential during the week because of terrible traffic situation here in Metro Manila. It should only take fifteen minutes from where we live to my son’s school but during rush hour, it takes half an hour or so.

It is a struggle for most kids to get up off the bed very early, and my son is no exception, but eventually, they oblige themselves to get ready, no matter how much they want to stay in bed; especially those who do not want to be late for school.

This morning, I kept walking back and forth, from kitchen to Elijah’s bedroom to wake him up. It made me laugh that he kept asking for a few more minutes in bed. Ultimately though, he got up off the bed, slowly ate his oatmeal, drank his milk, showered and got dressed by himself. By the time his school bus arrived (5:45am), he was very well ready armed with his bag full of school things with his packed lunch and drink.


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