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Monday, July 18, 2011

New Yahoo Beta Mail … Is it better?

I recently switched from Classic Yahoo! Mail to New Yahoo! Beta Mail because this new version boasts of being the best Yahoo! Mail ever.

This is not a campaign against the New Yahoo! Beta. But I am truly hoping that they will be able to fix the problems soon enough and live up to the expectations of their loyal Yahoo! Mail users.

Yahoo! Mail is one of the top free electronic mail services. It has unlimited online storage, automatically collects junk mails into the spam folder, integrates electronic mail, instant messaging, social networks and SMS text messaging. Creating and organizing folders for different mails is not difficult to execute.

Furthermore, this new version boasts of 2x faster email, enhanced security feature and quick reply, amongst other promises that can be expected from Yahoo! Mail.

Who wouldn’t want electronic mail that is faster, safer and easier to use, as they pride themselves on? Of course, we all do! We all want better things to make our daily lives easier.

I myself have been a Yahoo! Mail user for more than a decade and never once complained about their service. So I would say that I was a very satisfied Yahoo! Mail user.

However though, when I upgraded to the new Yahoo! Mail I found a few frustrating issues. The only thing that I can do with this new version was read my mail, that’s it. I can’t reply, forward or create new mail. Moreover, switching back to the old version is not present from any drop down menu or options.

I looked up on the web for the solution on the problems that I was having with new Yahoo! Beta but all I could find was a simple ‘click Option’. Unfortunately though, as I previously mentioned, there is no option from Yahoo! Beta to switch back to old version.

“The option to switch back to older version of Yahoo! Mail was simply not there so the only solution I thought of is to adjust the current screen resolution to lower resolution.”

To do this:
• Go to Desktop Properties.
• Click Settings.
• Drag the slider under Screen Resolution to the farthest left.
• Click Apply then OK.
• Open your Yahoo! Mail in a new web page.
• Yahoo! Mail will tell you then that your screen resolution does not meet the standard requirement of the New Yahoo! Beta, thus it will ask you now to revert back to the older version.

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