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Monday, August 22, 2011

Batch '91 Meeting @ Green House Grill

I was ready to go to my high school batch meeting around 3:00pm last Saturday but it was pouring so it took me time to be able to get out of my house. I had to wait for a few minutes until nature calmed down a bit.

As soon as I get in the taxi cab, it started pouring hard again. Just great! Whenever it rains in Manila, traffic flow is heavy. Fortunately though, I reached Green House Grill, the meeting place, just a little after half past 4. So I was glad that I wasn’t too late.

My eyeglasses were foggy so I took it off and went in straight to the far end of the Green House where I assumed my batch mates were seating. I stopped a few feet away from the tables at the far end because I noticed that people in those tables were old men and women. I thought,
“Uh oh they can’t be my batch mates.”

I asked one gentleman server if anyone from RMCHS (Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School) or as we call it “MonSay” has arrived yet. He said, “Wala po.”

So I sat in one of the tables to wait. I drummed my fingers on the table, watched the rain, watched the Green House crew serve the other tables, listened to the fascinating laughter of the old people, hummed in tune to the grill’s background music (but I bet I wasn’t in ‘tune’) and leaned on the table for a couple of minutes to “nap” as I wait for others.

A few minutes before 6:00pm, I decided to pull up my cherry mobile phone to post on the RMCHS Facebook wall using the free Facebook of Sun Cellular. I wrote,
“Oh well, it’s 5:46pm yet none of you are here @ the Green House but me! Is it the rain or the “Pinoy crap time”? Peace :D”

Now, why did I say “Pinoy crap time”? In general, Filipinos are habitual late comers (and I’m not really an exception) at any meetings, classes, and yes, even at work! The usual alibi is, “its traffic (heavy flow)”. Some would even fool themselves in adjusting their wristwatches five or ten minutes advance or more. Yet they find themselves to be late.

Oh well.

Anyhow, it turned out that one of my batch mates, Lynette Mendoza was just across the road from Green House at the internet cafe printing stuff for the group and browsing the net. She arrived at my table together with Engineer Neil Cano, another batch mate, who I saw earlier at the Green House talking to the server and seemed lost hehehe. Pardon me, Neil but I was right there watching all the movements. But hey, we didn’t know each other (until we learnt from each other that we were classmates in third year) so it was cool for you to walk away from my table.

Soon after they arrived, another one came, Hudson (I think) a.k.a. Wolfgang Nimbus, who wrote my nickname Geca into “Greca” on the print out of our previous “Minutes of Meeting”. But it’s cool because we hardly know each other anyway and after all, high school was over two decades ago.

Whoa! This bunch of people at my table is old! Hehehe and I am one of them.

Meeting finally started when the batch president, Glenn Ymata, arrived fifteen minutes past six o’clock or later than that (which I happily pointed out by asking, “Do you have a [wrist] watch?”).

A few minutes of bantering went on before Glenn broke the ice by talking about our upcoming Grand Alumni Homecoming on 30th of December this year. After everything on the agenda was agreed upon by the group, meeting was adjourned. And so repartee started again about various Filipino terms and habits until we all decided to leave Green House and call it a night. Four of us hopped in to Joey’s car to go to my place to continue the fun and as Hudson said that night, “We need to do an ocular visit for our next batch meeting.”

As soon as we reached my place, Joey bought for us, from a nearby mini-shop, a dozen of beers (or more) and a bag of crisps to share. Hence bantering, drinking, eating crisps with tomato salsa and fish balls with spicy vinegar and some dancing (which will definitely not get thumbs up from the host and judges of the show “Do You Think You Can Dance?”) went on until almost midnight.

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-post script -

On the other hand, something bothered me that night. When I pulled out money from my purse to pay for the bill, I noticed that there was only one (1) one thousand peso bill with a few other smaller bills. I was sure there were two. I didn’t say anything right then and there because I thought to myself, “Maybe I left the other one thousand peso bill in my other purse at home.”

Unfortunately for me though, after I cleaned up all the mess (and still wondering how my towel bar in the shower got broken) and headache gone, the said 'bill' is nowhere to be seen.

Oh dear. Never mind. Its my fault anyway for being too careless.

It is disappointing but I have a lot to be grateful for than worry about unimportant things.


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