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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Labing-anim, Labimpito, Labingwalo...

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As I mentioned in my previous post a few weeks ago, I have been helping my son study especially for his Special Filipino class. The recent lesson we were on was numbers one to thirty in Tagalog.

He confidently recited the numbers for me but when he got to ‘labimpito’ (seventeen) I corrected him that he should say it as ‘ labingpito’ not’ labimpito’. I added too that all numbers from eleven to nineteen start with ‘labing’ not ‘labin’ or ‘labim’.

When he started to argue with me that I was wrong, I shouted at him and said, “Who knows Filipino language better? You or Mommy?”

My son is a very good boy so he said sorry. I asked "Why?" He replied, "...for saying them wrong."

He recited the numbers again in Tagalog the way I wanted him to. After that, I went for his Activity Sheet for the Program for Non-Filipino Speakers to check how they were written.

It was astounding to find that I was absolutely wrong to say that all numbers from eleven to nineteen start with ‘labing’. I then apologized to my son and said that he was right about the numbers. Sometimes, parents should really listen to their own children.

Here are the numbers eleven to nineteen in Tagalog:

11 Labing-isa
12 Labindalawa
13 Labintatlo
14 Labing-apat
15 Labinlima
16 Labing-anim
17 Labimpito
18 Labingwalo
19 Labinsiyam

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