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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Secret: A Desire To Change For The Better

Never try to compel others to change;
leave them free to change naturally
and orderly because they want to;
and they will want to when they find
that your change was worthwhile.

To inspire in others a desire to change
for the better is truly noble;
but this you can do only by leaving them alone,
and becoming more noble yourself.

- Christian D. Larson (1874-1954)
Mastery of Self

The Secret - Daily Teachings

I, too, believe not to force others to be what I think they should be. After all, who the heck am I to decide for them? I am nobody.

And, even if we try to compel others to change, they won't. We can only try to influence them. That's because a desire to change comes from within.

Let people change because they want to;
not because you want them to.
And, show them that it is noble to change.

Have you compelled anyone to change?

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