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Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Son Lost Php500.00 (US$11) at School !

La Salle have arranged for kids and parents to see the film "Happy Feet 2" scheduled yesterday Wednesday 23rd of November. Everyone was excited and looked forward to this event.

A fun bonding and socializing time which turned into an unsolved puzzle for me and my son, EJ.

We were at Robinson Galleria when I found out that more than half of the money I sent for the said movie was missing.

I stapled one (1) Php500.00 and four (4) Php100.00 bills inside an envelope for EJ to hand it over to his teacher for two (2) movie tickets. With the exception of tuition fee, this is what I usually do when I send money for school fees, staple the money with a note or in an envelope so that all my son just needs to do is hand over the payment.

However, yesterday when I opened my son's assignment notebook, I found the money envelope with the teacher's note:

What I don't understand is this:
How could the Php500.00 bill be misplaced inside the classroom when all the money bills were stapled inside the envelope?

I just received a phone call from a guy at La Salle who is supposed to be investigating the matter. He said,
We are still looking into the matter. Investigating what happened yesterday.
Your son said the envelope was open and didn't say that money was stapled.

Wasn't as robotic as that sound but I replied,
Yes the envelope was open but I stapled the money bills inside. My son doesn't know that I did staple them. I prepared it the other night. All he knows is to hand over the envelope to his teacher.

Your son confirmed that the money was not stapled. However, we'll keep looking and hoping that the Php500.00 bill will be at 'Lost and Found'.

You know, I can show you the staple marks on the envelope. (pause) Well, I don't think you will ever find the money. It was lost inside the classroom. When everyone left the classroom yesterday, money left too.


What's the big deal? Yeah, it's just Php500.00 (US$11) but this means that it's not trustworthy to send money for school activities. My son doesn't have money allowance for school because he is too young to manage money. I just fill up his lunch bag with snacks, lunch food and drinks.

I know other kids have money allowance because I see them when I pick EJ up and meet him at cafeteria or
Lesson learned: I will pay and hand over all school fees by myself.
school's bookstore. Sometimes, I joke to EJ's school mates about borrowing money when I see them queueing up next to me at the cash counter carrying a big note.

But hey! It's just money. Can be replaced, right?

I planned to go to school this morning to ask questions but I changed my mind because I do not think there's any point at all in storming over and stomp my feet over this matter.

Php500.00 may not be returned but the Law of Tithing said "giving away some money will bring more money into your life". Php500.00 is a big amount compared to what I usually give to church on weekends, which is just Php20.00. Yeah, I know it's cheap but hey, I'm not rich and the New Testament says that we can give according to our ability.

On the contrary, I believe a bigger return will come our way. What do you think?

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