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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Secret: Cannot Use the Law of Attraction on Someone Else... Against Their Free Will

You are in a partnership with the Law of Attraction
and it is through this partnership between the two of you that you are creating your life.
Each person has their own personal partnership with the Law of Attraction.
You use the Law for yourself; everyone else uses the Law for themselves.

You cannot use the Law of Attraction on someone else, against their free will.

And when you think about it, thank goodness the Law operates this way.
If it did not, then anybody else could create something in your life that you did not want.

You create through your thoughts and feelings,
and NO-ONE but YOU can think your thoughts or feel your feelings.
The Secret - Daily Teachings

How miserable we'd all be if the Law of Attraction works the opposite way? Thank goodness indeed that it doesn't work that way huh!

Or do you feel like someone else creates and makes something happen in your life that you did not want?

What Is The Secret

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