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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

EJ's New Friend: Waggy

Meet my son's new friend... Waggy !
I fell in love with this beautiful beagle as soon as I saw him (so did EJ and Seamus
Waggy is derived from the UK surname Wagstaff e.g. Ken Wagstaff, a former English footballer noted for his playing career at Mansfield Town and Hull City football clubs.
Hull City is where Seamus was born and raised. Three decades after he was born, EJ was conceived in Hull City too.
too). So I requested for him to be groomed while we went to Max's Restaurant for dinner.

As we wait for our dinner to be served, we thought of numerous puppy names for the new member of the family. The three of us can't decide on one so Seamus googled famous puppy names.

We then nominated names and written them down on a table napkin.
From the list of names we got from the web, we still can't decide. Then EJ reminded us and asked for Kuya's name on the (mmorpg) Final Fantasy game we used to play. In that instant, Seamus and I thought of the name Waggy which was his game name. It was a tarutaru race and looks like this:
(in Black Mage outfit i.e. a Magician Warrior using black magic) 

So Waggy name was included in the nomination list. Other names got zero to one votes each while Snoopy and Dexter got two votes each and Waggy got three votes. Therefore, our new puppy is now officially named Waggy.
Look! Waggy seems to be happy and excited to run around his new home!
Welcome to the family, Waggy!
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