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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Secret: Fill Your Life with Positivity!

You can change the path of your life
from dark to light or
from negative to positive.

Every single time you focus on the positive
you are bringing more light into your life,
and you know that
light removes all darkness.

Gratitude, Love,
Kind Thoughts, Words and Actions
bring Light and eliminate the darkness.

Fill your life with the Light of Positivity!
The Secret - Daily Teachings

Let us all be positive in our lives.  It can't be hard to focus on the positivity.  Be grateful in every little things that we have, give love and be kind even to strangers.

If I'm avoiding you, you probably exert negative energy which I do not want to absorb.

Being negative at every single small detail in our lives doesn't bring us good.

Don't you agree?

What Is The Secret

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Wipe away negative thoughts, forget the past, forgive people who wronged you and look forward to what lies ahead with a brave heart.

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