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Monday, December 5, 2011

How Do You Act Upon Criticism?

Bloggers will write what they see, feel and think about anything that touches their lives.

Why don't we all look up and ask deep within what should we do when facing criticisms? Maybe we have to DO 'something' for the BETTER not only for ourselves but also for everyone else around us. Free ourselves from selfish thoughts because it doesn't serve well in our lives.

I am rolling on the floor here just to think about this:

What a funny feeling to meet blog readers and find out that they disagree with what they read. It's even more hilarious to hear them justify the wrong and wickedly imply to cover up the truth. Furthermore, requested for a task in such a way that they are the big bosses.


Oh Hey! It's Christmas time! Time to reflect. And remember the Magic in Forgiveness... Leads to Happiness.


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