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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Secret: Persist so The Secret's Principles Become Second Nature to You

Persist, persist, persist,
and you will reach a point where the principles of The Secret become second nature to you.

You will become so aware of the words that people speak, especially when they speak of things they don’t want.

You will become so aware of the words that you speak.

When you reach this point, it is a sign that you are becoming more and more aware!

You are becoming more consciously aware!

What Is The Secret

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A Quest for Valid I.D.

Over a week ago, I went to The Sun Shop to update my internet from limited (45 hours per month) to unlimited. I didn’t have any valid identification with me (I forgot, yes, silly me!) but I managed to convince the Sun agent to cancel my current internet, which will be automatically reloaded 45 hours of internet time on the next day. So I filled out and signed the form to request for disconnection with a verbal promise that I will send or come back for a copy of my passport.

Went back home right away to find out that my passport was expired.

Oh dear.

I’ve been back to the Philippines for three years now yet I haven’t got any Filipino identification. Yeah shame on me huh!

Guess it’s about time I work on it. So the next day, I went to the homeowner’s association to ask where is the Barangay Hall to get Barangay Clearance which I knew was necessary to obtain a postal identification.

They told me to just hop on a tricycle because tricycle drivers know the way and so that I don’t get lost. So I did.

When I got there however, I was told that I needed a residential certificate first which I can get from Barangay Hall Annex.

Thought to myself,
“Why on earth no one mentioned there is an annex and that I need a residential certificate first?”


It was very hot and humid so I decided to hop on a taxi, instead of going to that annex, to go to Mega Mall, not to go shopping but to get NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) clearance.

I walked around the whole length of the mall where I knew NBI was located but can’t find it. My legs were getting tired so I gave up looking for it. I came by the Ideal Vision where I got my Dior sunglasses to ask how much to replace and update the lenses. Jo, IV sales assistant, said,
“Should be around Php300.00 only.”
I said my thanks and turned around when I remembered to ask her as well if she knows where the NBI is located. She replied,
“Oh NBI is not in Mega Mall anymore, they moved to Robinson.”

“Oh well that’s the reason I can’t find it. Thanks Jo!”

Off I went to Robinson Galleria to find out that distribution of numbers for NBI clearance was done in the early morning and that they will only entertain applicants holding numbers 1 to 500.


I still went to see if I have a slight chance. When I tried to queue at counter 1, I asked the lady in front of me where she got her form. She didn’t answer where but said,
“I got my number and this form this morning at 4.”


I stepped away and kept walking until I found myself at the exit. Before I stepped out of the mall, I asked the lady guard what time NBI people give away numbers for the applicants. She said around 7am but applicants start queuing at 2am or midnight.

Thought to myself,
“Whoa that’s a total pain in the bum!”

So back to plan A: get a postal i.d.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cannot Quench Love

Many waters
cannot quench love,
neither can floods
drown it.

Song of Solomon 8:7

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