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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Secret: Peace Comes From Knowing that Good is All That Exists

Good is underneath every single thing that appears to be negative.
If we can know that good is all there is,
including in a negative situation,
then we will see a negative situation transform into all good.

Most people keep the good away from themselves
because they label something as bad,
and then, of course,
that becomes their reality.

But there is NO bad in the Universe;
it is our inability to SEE things clearly
from the BIGGER perspective.

Peace comes from knowing that GOOD is all that exists.

Concerned friends always tell me off whenever I leave my purse unattended in public places. My usual response is,
I don't think there's bad people around in this place. It seems decent here.

I believe that there is something good inside all of us. Even the ones who have, unfortunately, steals, cheats, lies or ones who bitches or committed adultery or heinous crimes. They also have something good deep within.

We must try to see something GOOD when we witness or when we are in a negative situation.

If something falls, something better will rise.
Don't you think so?

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