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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Secret: Fill Your Life with Positivity!

You can change the path of your life
from dark to light or
from negative to positive.

Every single time you focus on the positive
you are bringing more light into your life,
and you know that
light removes all darkness.

Gratitude, Love,
Kind Thoughts, Words and Actions
bring Light and eliminate the darkness.

Fill your life with the Light of Positivity!
The Secret - Daily Teachings

Let us all be positive in our lives.  It can't be hard to focus on the positivity.  Be grateful in every little things that we have, give love and be kind even to strangers.

If I'm avoiding you, you probably exert negative energy which I do not want to absorb.

Being negative at every single small detail in our lives doesn't bring us good.

Don't you agree?

What Is The Secret

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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Memories Tip: Getting More Use Out of a QuickPage

Surprise your loved ones by purchasing 'My Memories Suite'. Let their creative minds create a beautiful photobook. Don't forget to use
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Creating many different layouts using a single Quick Page is fast and easy, and your pages will all coordinate!

Many Quick Pages work when turned 90* and then turned again!! So you can use and reuse them!

 Let's look at this Quick Page:
And see that you can make it into this:
Now take the same Quick Page and turn it 90*
And look how you can use it again!!
And look how coordinated the pages look!! Perfect for a 2 page layout in a photobook!!

Surprise your loved ones who's got collections of family digital photos by purchasing 'My Memories Suite' (Digital Scrapbook). Let their creative minds create a beautiful photobook for the family.

Click this blinkie to buy this #1 rated digital scrapbook, My Memories:

Geca's CODE: STMMMS43107

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Winner of 'My Memories Suite' Giveaway Contest (via

Finally, we have a winner for this Giveaway Contest:

I'm happy to announce that 
the winner of
'My Memories Suite'
Giveaway Contest,
via, is 
Miss Joyahyie Algaba 
(5th guest commenter). 

Winner will be notified via e-mail for the instructions on downloading 
My Memories Suite.

Congratulations Miss Joyahyie !

Enjoy this #1 rated scrapbook software: My Memories.
Have a Great Holiday! 

For the Tutorial, please click these links:
Tutorial 2

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rudolph, Jorge & Rhian (Update: with Video Clip)

Ten days ago, it was the birthday party of my sister's three kids: Rudolph, Jorge and
Happy Birthday Rudolph, Jorge and Rhian!
Rhian. It was convenient to celebrate their birthdays altogether because their birth dates are close to each other i.e. Jorge was born on 21st of November, Rhian was on December 3 and Rudolph was on the 5th.

It was raining that day and almost got soaked before we reached the Redragon Restaurant. However, we managed to keep the kids entertained and happy.

Here's the photos from the Merry Go Round game:

Photos during the Clowns' magic tricks/other games:

Group Photos:

Random Photos:

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fab it forward with Forever 21 MasterCard!

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Let's all be FAB with Forever 21!

Fab it forward with Forever 21 MasterCard! ENJOY Birthday Discounts & Free Membership for the FIRST Year. Apply now! #Forever21MC

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

EJ's New Friend: Waggy

Meet my son's new friend... Waggy !
I fell in love with this beautiful beagle as soon as I saw him (so did EJ and Seamus
Waggy is derived from the UK surname Wagstaff e.g. Ken Wagstaff, a former English footballer noted for his playing career at Mansfield Town and Hull City football clubs.
Hull City is where Seamus was born and raised. Three decades after he was born, EJ was conceived in Hull City too.
too). So I requested for him to be groomed while we went to Max's Restaurant for dinner.

As we wait for our dinner to be served, we thought of numerous puppy names for the new member of the family. The three of us can't decide on one so Seamus googled famous puppy names.

We then nominated names and written them down on a table napkin.
From the list of names we got from the web, we still can't decide. Then EJ reminded us and asked for Kuya's name on the (mmorpg) Final Fantasy game we used to play. In that instant, Seamus and I thought of the name Waggy which was his game name. It was a tarutaru race and looks like this:
(in Black Mage outfit i.e. a Magician Warrior using black magic) 

So Waggy name was included in the nomination list. Other names got zero to one votes each while Snoopy and Dexter got two votes each and Waggy got three votes. Therefore, our new puppy is now officially named Waggy.
Look! Waggy seems to be happy and excited to run around his new home!
Welcome to the family, Waggy!
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Monday, December 12, 2011

How Would Santa Know Where to Put the Presents?

We recently put up our dear old Christmas tree. It's a decade old so it is indeed old.

As we were doing the decorations, jokingly, I told my son, EJ
You know, we don't need to always put this tree up every year. It's tiring isn't it? Maybe we should just pack it up and put it away, huh.

EJ turned around and asked in a shocked mode,
Huh? But, Mommy, how would Santa know where to put the presents then?

I replied,
Don't worry. He knows what to do.

I don't want to upset him so I added,
Remember what he does in that Santa Claus film?

EJ said,
Oh yeah.

Then we went back to work decorating for Christmas.

How long are we going to play this charade? Well, I don't really want to say anything else about this matter because I want my son to remain a kid, full of hopes and dreams, as I remain a kid at heart.

But I wonder, what do you tell your children about Santa Claus then?

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The Secret: Help Your Friends to Stay in Tune with the Universe

If you have a friend who is going through any kind of difficult time, help them by making SURE you maintain YOUR joy.

Your good feelings will help LIFT them. You can also help them by directing their conversations so that so that they speak about what they want.

As they fall into speaking about what they don't want, just keep gently leading them back to speaking about what they want.

You can also speak to them as though their difficult time is over, and suggest they imagine that it has all passed and worked out beautifully.

The Secret - Daily Teachings
Be the conductor when you speak with them,
and help them stay in tune with the Universe.

In the spirit of Christmas, let's keep our dear friends away from sorrow. Keep them happy by sharing our good feelings.


What Is The Secret

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The Secret: Cannot Use the Law of Attraction on Someone Else... Against Their Free Will

You are in a partnership with the Law of Attraction
and it is through this partnership between the two of you that you are creating your life.
Each person has their own personal partnership with the Law of Attraction.
You use the Law for yourself; everyone else uses the Law for themselves.

You cannot use the Law of Attraction on someone else, against their free will.

And when you think about it, thank goodness the Law operates this way.
If it did not, then anybody else could create something in your life that you did not want.

You create through your thoughts and feelings,
and NO-ONE but YOU can think your thoughts or feel your feelings.
The Secret - Daily Teachings

How miserable we'd all be if the Law of Attraction works the opposite way? Thank goodness indeed that it doesn't work that way huh!

Or do you feel like someone else creates and makes something happen in your life that you did not want?

What Is The Secret

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family Cookbook Project

Ever thought of creating your own family cookbook? 
Here's a great Holiday Treat for your entire family who love to cook!

Family Cookbook Project - a lasting treasure of culinary memories. With Family Cookbook Project, you can create your family's fabulous recipes, kitchen stories and maybe kitchen secrets too, to share and pass on to younger generations.

Write your own cookbook now! Who knows? Maybe you'll be featured on The Food Network. Be the next Rachel Ray or Bobby Flay!

Nothing wrong with dreaming big.

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