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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Abdominal CT Scan

A contrast material or a special 'dye' will be injected through my vein before the abdominal CT scan.

So as I was saying in my previous post, the intern was explaining to me the CT (Computed Tomography) scan process that I have to go through. He said that before the CT scan, a contrast material or 'dye' will be injected through my vein to help certain areas show up better on the x-rays, as requested by my Ob-Gyne. He mentioned as well that there will be discomfort but nothing to worry about. He interviewed me about my medical history, previous operations, family's medical history then I signed a waiver that I wasn't pregnant.

When I went in the CT Scan room, it was absolutely freezing! I wished they'd reminded that I wore something warm and I had to remove 'inner' clothing! But thank goodness, the Radiologic Technologist bundled me up in a warm blanket. Right before he injected the 'dye' through my vein, he warned me that I will feel pain as it passes through and asked me if I couldn't stand the pain, just raise my left arm.

So he did inject the 'dye'. As soon as he left me, I felt the surge of pain as it was passing through my vein then I felt warmth all over my body. I just held my breath most of the time as instructed through the process, closed my eyes and wished it's over soon.

When it was over and was told I can get up, I quickly hopped out of the examination table and straight out of the room, forgetting my 'inner' clothing and jewelry items haha. I got them back through the monitoring room after a nurse took my blood pressure.

They made me stay a few more minutes to watch out for some reactions from the 'dye'. Then EJ and I left and rushed to the nearest restaurant to get our dinner. It's convenient that just across the road from The Medical City, is the Rockwell Business Center and we chose Mongkok restaurant because EJ fancied Chinese food that night.

The next morning, I woke up covered with rashes or hives. I tried to call my Ob-Gyne but she was not on duty so I have to wait until I see her. I looked it up that it's just one of the allergic reactions that a patient might get. Unless, it gets worse I don't need to run to the emergency room.

Result was ready this morning but I don't have a clue yet because I haven't been to see my doctor again. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday morning. I'm confident though that the lump in my tummy is nothing to worry about.

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