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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Infected Epidermal Inclusion Cyst


Midline anterior subcutaneous soft tissue nodule in the infra-umbilical region; consideration include focal fibrosis/keloid formation from possible previous surgery, infected epidermal inclusion cyst or a soft tissue tumor. Tissue correlation is recommended for better evaluation.
Tiny non-obstructing nephrolithiasis, left.
Top-normal sized spleen with no focal lesions.

It was yesterday, Saturday afternoon, when I went to claim the result of my abdominal CT scan with contrast. I took it to my Ob-Gyne and she recommended that I see a surgeon for possible excision and biopsy of a subcutaneous soft tissue nodule in the infra-umbilical region.

In short, I need an operation to remove the lump in my tummy. Oh dear! I was hoping that it can be removed without needing a scalpel.

I gave birth to my son through caesarian section almost 9 years ago. So an infection from the keloid formation is not anticipated at all. When I asked my doctor why this infection / lump came up only now, her response was that she has got no idea.

Oh dear!

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