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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Secret: Love Relationships

When it comes to love relationships, often people think that they want a particular person. But if you think about it deeply, it is not really what they want.

What they really want is to be blissfully happy with the perfect person.

Yet still they try and tell the Universe WHO that person is. If the Universe isn't delivering, then the message from the Universe is loud and clear:

"I just checked twenty years ahead, and the bliss and happiness you deserve will not happen in this relationship."

Why is it that we think we know more than the one who can see everything?
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We always have ideal person or partner in mind. For most women, generally, we want tall, dark and handsome men. Hopeful as well that the man we find as a partner is loving, caring, understanding, sweet, honest, intelligent and with sense of humor. Haha! I know, that's a long list of requirements and this list could go on and on. I'm sure other ladies out there have some more to add or something else.

As for men, well they only have one thing in mind and top most important requirement: a girlfriend with a high sex drive. Disagree if you must.

On the contrary, when we meet "THAT" someone who we thought would be a perfect match, according to our "standards", then we decide that it can ONLY be him or her and no one else. Some would even cry out loud and demand to the Almighty Power, "He (she) is the right one, perfect for me. Please give him (her) to me!"

Who are we to tell? To decide?

Fact is that we could never find happiness based on our own lame standard. If "the one" for you is not "delivered" to you, then it means only one thing: he (or she) is not MEANT for you.

Plain and simple.

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