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Sunday, February 12, 2012

When A Request Is Taken In An Unkind Wacky Manner

For some, it's alright to let the worldwide public know,  i.e. sharing through social networking, about personal data like birthdays, real name, location, relationships, current situations in life, deepest feelings, so on and on. But for me, it is lame and dim-witted to post on facebook wall bitching about others, letting people know that it is their menstrual period time, frustrations about silliest things in life, complaining about how hard it is to earn for a living, foolish or obscene photographs full of profanities, so on and on.

As soon as I see lack of common sense streaming on my facebook home page, I quickly remove that post and block the person.Why entertain such foolishness? I am a responsible parent so I do not want my son to accidentally see the rudeness and inanity of others.

Instead of showing off dim-witted selves, why not start appreciating how beautiful the day is? Why not be grateful for every single good things that come to our lives? Instead of complaining, why not see the positive side of things?

I never want to share any personal data so when the group that I belong started posting members' birthdays, it alarmed me. I have my own private reason why I don't want to flash over the net my personal data. 

So, I requested through private messaging the one who posts members' birthdays each month. And I just hoped that she won't ask why. However, maybe the said person was offended by my request so she responded in a bizarre wacky manner. I don't understand why.

Here's a screenshot of my private message and the wacky responses:

I don't get it why this person responded in an unkind manner. Maybe it's how I wrote the request? It's wrong of me to ask?  Was my way of asking written wickedly?

I completely understand that others get their happiness when they get greetings through social networking sites and it's great as well that someone took the initiative to collectively post date of birth of people so others can greet them.

But no offense, I don't respond to ghetto rubbish talks. When I was a kid, we used to

The Secret's Teaching: Look for the gifts in everything, especially when you are facing what appears to be a negative situation.
live in a depressed apartment building. But my sisters and I were the only ones there who went to school decently without going through stupid stuff other kids do and we never talk in such a way that even a rat would be shocked.

Now, I never meant for my request to sound unpleasant. As much as I could've, I didn't want to be unfriendly. After all, the world we walk around is way too small. There is no need to make inane circumstances worse than it already is. However, if there was a hint of animosity in my message, I have an adequate reason for that.

About six months ago, I invited some of my high school batch mates, after our meeting, to come over to my place. We ate some crisps and fish balls, had a few bottles of beer and had a good laugh.

Here's what others don't know what happened that night except for me and one other batch mate.

The next morning I noticed that some of my beaded jewelry items are missing. I thought I just misplaced them so I brushed them off my mind. When I was editing the pics, I saw my hematite bracelet on someone else's wrist!

Later on that day, one of them telephoned me to ask how I am. I said everything was alright then I asked if 'the caller' noticed the other person wearing bracelet and ring and honestly, I don't know what else. I got confirmation that she was wearing them. This conversation was never disclosed before this.

A couple of days later, I got a text message from this person who took my jewelry items, asking (with a moan, how gross and that's weird!) how much are the jewelry items. I didn't reply.

The turquoise ring that she took from my bead jewelry box was supposed to be sent to England for my mother-in-law, together with turquoise bracelets and necklace that I made, which was, thankfully, kept in the drawer. I think I mentioned it that night when they came to my place because they saw my boxes of different beads. I sent a different jewelry instead, I created and rushed to finish hematite wrap around bracelet.

I got the hematite bracelet back eventually when the next meeting was held at this person's (one who took my jewelry items) house. I almost forgot it but I insisted to have it back because I bought that bracelet from Bermuda. I mean, I really had to insist that I want it back.

At the grand reunion two months ago, I saw my ring! Oh well...

So yeah, as I said on my recent facebook status:
Something is brewing in the field of mines... might cause explosion of ugly truth. This is a first for me but wacky uncivilized manner is intolerable. It's about time...

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