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Thursday, March 22, 2012

EJ's First Holy Communion

Ah look how angelic and handsome my little boy is! Takes after his mother, don't you agree?
My First Holy Communion, Sacred Heart (Kamuning, Quezon City)
Arrgh my hair was hideous! Who cut my hair like that?! Oh wait, it's my mother dear. I'm glad that I have kept this photo. I must admit too that my son is a much better version of me. Thank goodness he doesn't look like me, otherwise he will be teased like I was teased before and called names by other kids who think of themselves as better looking (which I ignored and just buried my face into my books). EJ takes after his Dad and I'm grateful for that.

EJ's first Holy Communion was at the National Shrine of the Divine Child, La Salle Green Hills, 7th of December 2011. I know it's been 3 months (and it's not the only batch I haven't edited yet) but took me ages to edit and resize these images. Here are some of them:

with Nanay (mother)

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