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Monday, March 12, 2012

I Won "Get Famous" E-Book!

I'm an avid reader and one of many subscribers of Mompreneur Mogul newsletter, authored by Lisa Cash Hanson. She recently posted the 'Get Famous Book Launch Party and Blogger Review Opportunity' which will be on 23rd of March and can be found at her Facebook page. In her blog post, she mentioned doing 'Random Acts of Kindness' for other bloggers and asked her readers to comment if they know of certain bloggers who are in need or suggest themselves. I usually write short comments but didn't on this one (even if I'm badly in need) because I'm not the type who would say, "Pick me! Pick me!" I'd rather blend in to the wall.

On her next blog post, it was a giveaway which was for US only, which unfortunately, I can't join because I'm in the Far East. Hence I commented, "Open to US only." To my surprise, a few minutes later, Lisa e-mailed me to apologize about that. Whoa! The Mompreneur Mogul e-mailed me! I replied saying that it's alright and added that I never won anyway in blog giveaways. A couple more e-mail exchanges then after my reply stating that I am one of her loyal readers, I received 'her random act of kindness' i.e. winning her e-book! Isn't she awesome?

The e-book I received is not just any e-book. It's this: 

I can't afford any e-book at all so you can imagine how I almost jumped up and down rejoicing for winning 'Get Famous' e-book. I haven't had the time to read the e-book thoroughly yet (running errands here and there), so I can't write a review about it yet. There are others though who has written impressive reviews:

An Aspiring Domestic Goddess Mommy Get Famous Book Review
Lisa @MomBloggerBuzz 

This is for you Lisa as a token of my deep gratitude. May you have more blessings to come your way! I promise that I will make use of this Get Famous e-book.

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