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Monday, March 26, 2012

New Blog Header Design... What Do You Think?

I never want to cover the fairy on the background so I didn't create a header for my blog. But, finally I convinced myself that it's probably better with a custom design header. So, I'm into tweaking mode at the moment.

If you want to know/learn how I did it, here's how:

* Take a new self-portrait photo using Photoshop. (File --> Import -->Webcam; as shown below)

* Strike a pose with or without a 'prop' (mine is my mother's espresso cup and I slapped on a little paint on my face so I don't look like 'Walking Dead')

* Capture a lot of photos so you can choose the most decent shot later on.

* Create a new project to design the background by pressing Ctrl + n on keyboard or click File --> New.

* From the Preset dropdown menu, choose which size you want for your new project. For my header, I chose 'Custom' to set manually the height and width which was 4 inches x 8 inches.

* To create wacky / random background design, click the Pattern Stamp Tool from the left side then change the size of the pattern by sliding left or right the slide bar under the Master Diameter of Brush preset picker. You can keep changing the pattern size and have fun with it.

* Next, click the letter T from the tools to start working on the blog title and description of your header.

* Now, let's go back to the photograph taken through webcam earlier. Press Alt + w or click Window then click the photograph or the corresponding number of the photograph you wish to attach to your project. 

* Either use lasso tool or magnetic lasso tool to cut and paste the chosen photograph to your project. Clone stamp is another way to easily attach the picture to your desired spot on the project.

* Switch window again to the chosen picture for the project. Click the clone stamp, press Alt, hover over the photograph then left click on the mouse. 

* Switch window back to the project to paint the picture over the background of the project. 

And, we are done! Ready to update the header design.

Now it's your turn to create a fun and attractive header design.

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