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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seamus Finally Gave In... He Ate Balut (Duck Egg)!

Don't blame me! It wasn't me who coerced him to eat something repulsive that I, myself, wouldn't and couldn't get myself to eat, even if I get drunk. I must admit though, that I had it once maybe 20 years ago. I don't know why but my dear mother forced me to eat it. She probably believed it was good for me. I swallowed it fast so I don't hear the 'crunch' and almost choked for doing my best to get it over with!

Duck egg, or balut as locally known in the Philippines, is high in protein thus believed to boost energy more than any commercially available energy food or drink. To other locals, if not most, balut is considered as an aphrodisiac which most likely the reason why it is one of Filipinos' favorite foods. Not mine! I'm just too queasy to munch such a delicacy.

Balut is an incubated egg with developed embryo of approximately 19 days at which time, boiled for consumers.

This Filipino delicacy is usually sold at night time, by street vendors walking around the neighborhood shouting, "Balut! Baluuut!" Other balut vendors station themselves at one street corner, which I did twenty years ago to help my family make ends meet. Surprised? Oh well, I wasn't born a princess. Anyhow, I remember that my basketful of balut sold fast each night therefore I never went home very late. So, somehow I should be thankful to balut huh!

Don't expect to find a Filipina beauty selling balut!

Here's a tip for those who are fearless to try balut: start with "balut sa puti" (duck egg in white). Why choose "balut sa puti"? Because it is incubated less than 19 days, roughly 16 days, which means the chick is not fully developed yet. Hence, no visible beak, feather, or claws.

It turns out that Seamus is not the first non-Filipino to try balut. There are many others before him and maybe more after this? Filipinos say you are coward if you don't eat balut. So when you get the chance, have a mouthful of balut.

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