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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Secret: Changing Nature of Energy Gives Us Life

Did you know that if your life was not changing, you would not exist?
Our Universe and everything in it is continually changing, because our Universe is made of energy.
Energy can exist only if it is in motion and changing. If energy stopped being in motion, our entire Universe and all Life would vanish.

Our lives are also energy, and therefore they too must always be in motion and continue to change.
You cannot stop the motion and change in your life, and nor would you want to.

The changing nature of energy gives us Life. It causes Life to grow and causes us to grow.

Therefore, we must embrace the changes in our lives as they happen. Yes, it can be difficult to accept changes in our lives especially if we got used to certain routines. However, there's nothing we can do to stop the continuous motion and change in our lives. After all, who are we to stop or manipulate changes? Don't you agree?

What Is The Secret

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