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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Secret: Three Steps To Bring More To Your Life

Think good thoughts.
Speak good words.
Take good actions.

Three steps that will bring more to you than you can ever imagine.

How easy is that? It just takes three steps to bring more goodness to our lives. None of the three tasks mentioned above can be difficult to do. All three tasks must be done in order to achieve more in our lives.

What is the point of thinking good thoughts if we don't speak good words? What is the point of speaking good words if we don't take good actions?

For instance, you see an injured person. What do you do?

Do you just say to yourself, "Oh I hope he is not badly injured"? Stare at the injured person and wait for someone else to help?

Do you say to the injured person, "I hope you are not badly hurt." Deep inside you can't wait to leave the scene so you can head off to your dinner date.

Or shouldn't you comfort the injured person, call for help/ambulance, wait for them to arrive and wish the injured person to get better soon?

So what do you do when you see someone who needs help? Did you have a great opportunity to help a stranger recently? Have you had the chance to take good action for others?

What Is The Secret

Have a great weekend!

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