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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Waggy's New Bed

It's hard work potty training a puppy but, of course, we are not giving up on our dear Waggy to be a well-trained beagle pup real soon. There are occasional 'accidents' here and there but we just have to be patient in training him.

He seemed to be "well behaved" that he never eliminated (pee / poop) on the rags that he used to sleep on  so we decided that it's time for him to have a decent bed. We went to a pet shop a few weekends ago and I chose a blue checkered / denim bed for our Waggy which he excitedly jumped on as soon as I laid it down on the floor for him.

 Waggy's bed is very comfy that even my son, EJ, jumped on it too and squeezed himself next to our beagle pup!

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