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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lunch in Tagaytay on Good Friday

April 6, Good Friday, seemed to be a good hot summer day for a road trip and most locals and tourists alike, Christians, are out of town commemorating the passion, suffering and death on the cross of Jesus Christ. So we thought it's a great time to go to Tagaytay for lunch.

Main road was empty except for a few cars until we reached South Luzon Expressway. Highway was starting to get congested and traffic flow remained slow all the way to Tagaytay. We reached the restaurant after two and a half hours of driving (not me, thank goodness).

We don't practice Holy Week tradition like religious Catholics but we respect the tradition of not eating meat during this week. So the meal we ordered for our lunch was mainly fish and vegetable.

Kinilaw na Isda = Raw fish marinated in vinegar and chilled for half an hour.

Fried Plapla

Puso ng Saging = 'Banana Heart' cooked in coconut milk

Tanigue = (I think)

Sinigang na Tanigue sa Miso

Buko Juice = Young Coconut juice

And because of all these foods, my healthy diet of oatmeal and/or cereals (twice a day) was ruined! The next day, I burned all or some calories by going around neighborhood on my bike.

Time to head back to Manila!

Stopped by at Rowena's for some sweet delicacies: buko pie, leche flan and espasol which I forgot to take pictures of.

We got thirsty so stopped at a mini store for soda. Most mini stores in Philippines sell soda poured in plastic bag with straw like the ones I got for the three of us.

EJ making faces, which he does every time I take his photos, while playing a game on his psp.

How did you spend your Holy Week? I hope you guys had a great one!

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