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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Secret: Focus On The Brighter Side Of Things

Bring Yourselves into Positive Harmony!

To change our lives, at some point we have to decide that, rather than suffer anymore, we are going to live in HAPPINESS. And the only way we can do that is to make the decision to look for things to appreciate, no matter what.

As we begin to focus on the GOOD and the BRIGHTER SIDE of things, the Law of Attraction responds by sending back to us the exact photocopy of our new thoughts.
And good things begin to appear.

And then more good things, and then more...

Imagine focusing only on the brighter side of life, never on pains or sufferings or heartaches. This is another way of saying that there's always a rainbow after the rain.

Life is not always how we want it to be. We must learn to accept things as they are and then decide.

Decide to live in happiness, no matter what life throws at us. Just keep on focusing on the brighter side of life.

Have you decided yet to live your life in happiness? I have.

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