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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge 4: What's in the Blog Name?

Summer Blog Challenge #4

Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Hmmm what's in the name? Thousands of unique names to think of or to choose from. But what are the factors that make us choose certain names? How do we choose names for our own children?

It's a daunting task to pick a name for a newborn baby, let alone our own blogs that we love.

This blog was created in 2008 and was just titled plainly "Geca's Realm" and it remained that way until recently. I thought "Geca's Realm" is too 'general', others must've thought it's a silly blog name. Who cares about someone else's "realm"? Yeah, exactly!

Divalicious Pinoy Mom emerged!

Then I remembered that the original template was called "Divalicious".  I'm a proud diva so it fits that I should be called Divalicious Mom. However, to make it more unique, I added
I loved that template simply because of the divalicious woman on the background and because I'm a diva myself.  Then I got tired of it because I can't tweak it. So I changed template.
"Pinoy", which means Filipino, so that fellow Filipino bloggers know me.

Therefore, this blog is now named: Divalicious Pinoy Mom

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Thank you for visiting my own realm on the net.

Wipe away negative thoughts, forget the past, forgive people who wronged you and look forward to what lies ahead with a brave heart.

Proudly Pinoy!
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