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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge 5: Short Term Goals for June 2012

Summer Blog Challenge #5

"Short Term Goals for This Month 
and Why Those Goals?"

Busy bee, busy bee!
What have you got for me?
Do you have some honey
for my jasmine tea?
So what will it be
busy bee, busy bee?
I'm waiting for my honey
so I can drink my tea!

My goals for this month have something to do with getting my health better. A couple of months ago, I went through CT scan process and found out that I have an Infected Epidermal Inclusion Cyst. Then a few weeks later, an ultrasound for kidney confirmed that I have a tiny kidney stone too!

I had to cancel my surgery for the cyst because I wanted to be able to be there for my son on his birthday week and other summer activities we planned for him.

Therefore, my goals for this month are:
  • Find a nanny who speaks both English and Tagalog. We need a nanny so that  when I went through the minor surgery (and during my recuperation), there's someone to take care of my son EJ, our Beagle puppy Waggy and Siamese kitten Gwenndolyn. 
  • Complete my medication for the kidney stone.
  • Go for ultrasound again after medication as instructed by my doctor.
When I find a nanny:
  • Re-schedule surgery.
On my free time:
  • Get rid / donate all unused or unwanted clothes.

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