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Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge 6: Nicknames

Summer Blog Challenge #6

Nicknames You Have 
and Why You Have Them

We usually have nicknames for our children from the day they were born or for our pets, whether cats or dogs, from the day we adopted them. Why do we create nicknames for our family members or pet or friends? It's how we show our love and affection for them.

On the contrary, we nickname other people we dislike too which, for me, is disagreeable and a form of bullying.

My nickname as a kid is Jing-jing (or Ging, as my Mom spells it).  As for the reason why it's Ging, I don't have a clue. Maybe because my real name starts with G.

Back in high school though, my friends and I nicknamed ourselves by combining first syllable of first name and first syllable of surname. My first name's first syllable is Ge and my surname's first syllable is Ca, so my new nickname is Geca!

And since then, I've been called as Geca, pronounced as /ɛ ka or jhe ka, at school until college and at work. I thought it's not too kiddie like Jing-jing as my family still fondly calls me, so I remained Geca for others.

If you combine your first name and surname, what would be your new nickname?

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