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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Your Home, Your Imagination.

I just found this Mandaue Foam online store of furniture and I find their items to be really cool stuff to have at home. Their online catalogue is categorized into: Decor, Indoor Living, Outdoor Living, Dining, Sleeping and Working.

When I get the chance, I would fill my house of Mandaue Foam furniture and other items to decorate and beautify my home. Come check Mandaue Foam's website and see for yourselves.

As I browsed Mandaue Foam's catalogue, I found a lot that can be really useful at home. But here are my top three great finds:

Gregory Bookcase

I love reading books! In fact, I have a few collection of books that I think I need a proper bookcase now. I've got (um ehehehe) Harry Potter series, Shopaholic series, some Nicholas Sparks' collection, House of Night series, photography book, Discovery of Titanic and a lot of other random books.

Family photos will also be great to display on this bookcase, don't you think so?

4-Door Shoe Rack

Isn't this one lovely to have at home? A shoe rack that will keep all shoes organized and well-hidden! I don't have a lot of shoes to brag, just a few that I keep for different occasions. I just want it so my shoes are not all over the place.  I'll have to inquire later if boots can fit inside this shoe rack. I hope so, what do you think?

Circular Tier Center Table

This is another piece that I really need because I don't have a decent coffee table for when I have guests coming to serve them with drinks. I always look around the furniture shop for a coffee table but I haven't found the one that I really like and that will look good in my living room. I hope they have this one in black because my leather couch is black.

Watch Mandaue Foam's newest TV commercial here: (42sec)

Mandaue Foam 

Your Home, Your Imagination

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