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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Heartbreaker? ...I Hope Not!

Gala day at school today which means boys have to go to school wearing green long sleeved polo and black pants. School bus just arrived when I took EJ's photo this morning. I took only one shot of his photo while shouting at the school bus, "Just a moment please!"

Maybe you'd say, ah here we go again, another overly proud parent. But I'm just mesmerized at how great my little boy looks! He's so handsome whatever he wears, smiling or not and at any angles!

Yes, I'm a proud Mom... maybe the proudest!

This one's for you, my son:

A Heartbreaker? ... I Hope Not!
Mommy's love for you EJ goes a mile longer
than anyone could love someone, ever.
Mommy is proud that you are taken from my womb
I'd carry you in my arms until I have to rest in my tomb.

I love you son with all my heart
that it hurts each time we have to part.
You know that I'd do just anything for you
even if I have to walk on fire for you.

You compliment me as the best Mom ever.
I wish I could live longer or even forever.
So that I could really be the best Mom for you
with all the time in the world to accomplish things for you.

Who could ask for anything else on this earth
when I have you my son here in my heart?
What else can I do to be a better Mom
or as you sometimes jokingly say you have the best Mom?

I could never be a perfect mother
or the greatest mother of all.
But I wish, my son that you'd find to forgive me
for all my shortcomings and for everything I couldn't be.

My only wish is for you to grow up
not only as a handsome man.
But also as a man of honor and a real gentleman
never break my heart or of any woman.

Your Mommy,
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