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Friday, July 20, 2012

I Was Here: Ultra-Magnetic Persuasion Free Training

Divalicious Pinoy Mom

12:48pm July 15, 2001
Hotel Rembrandt
My newsfeed flashed the event "Ultra-Magnetic Persuasion Half Day Free Training" which a distant friend was going to attend. It seemed interesting so I clicked "maybe attending" because I wasn't sure of my schedule yet that time. I've invited another friend, however, it was only I who were able to show up.

You know what? Maybe luck was on my side that time for me to know about that event. It wasn't until much later that I realized that.

18th Century-scene Painting
Penthouse, Hotel Rembrandt
I didn't know what to expect or what I'd learn from the training. I was waiting to be impressed or gain knowledge and hoping it's something that I don't know yet. Otherwise, my time and effort were somehow devastating journey. On the second thought, it's a free training so I might as well try to have fun, go with the flow and enjoy meeting and making new friends, which I did, through my dslr. 

The Overly-Excited a.k.a Noisy Group
Yet happily posed for me
Crew started setting up
I went down for a bit then went back to be greeted by the loud music playing in the penthouse. As I sat down back to my seat at the front row, crew finally started setting up the theater projector and sound system.  I guess training should start soon. I better get my pen and little notebook ready.

Success TV January episode
showed at 2:07pm
To my dismay though, the training started with showing this old clip of Success TV. If I'm not mistaken, the hosts mentioned it's a January episode. Is that John Calub? Oh, he is Filipino. He must be because he speaks straight Tagalog. That fact though can't determine one's nationality, just my inference. Anyhow, I tried to listen and took notes that I'll check online this Success TV because I never heard of it. 

The female host rarely looked at the camera, thus not engaging the audience, just my honest opinion I can't get myself to pay attention who is not interested to engage people around even through the camera. Nonetheless, maybe she can't 'look' because of the 2 young male guests who are authors of Persuasion Masters (again if I'm not mistaken from what I heard). 

Of course, they talked about persuasion. I agree with their persuasive tip: 
Always be happy.

Here are other tips I gathered from that clip:
- Anything can be learnt.
- Stay authentic. (Be yourself.)

When the said episode of Success TV finished, Mr. Dexter Paglinawan gaily engaged everyone by making us all get up off our seats to participate in his mini-story. He suggested we do the sound effects while he narrates and so we did, or "they did". The main objective of his story is for us to realize that even if we are a master of a certain task, we do not know everything. Which made me nod, hence I agreed.

Mr. John Calub finally arrived proudly showing off his spikey shoes which I only noticed after he mentioned it twice. I was wondering though why the h he was wearing a trench coat. Was it raining at his spot or he isn't feeling well that he wants to keep warm? Pardon me for being satiric, I don't mean to ridicule.  The coat doesn't seem insulated so it's probably not too hot for him to wear the coat in that not well air-conditioned penthouse.

First lesson from Mr. Calub:

- Communication skill is the most important skill to develop.
I haven't been quite well this past week so I wasn't able to finish this. To those who are waiting to see their photos, please come back again sometime next week. I will post the rest of the photos.

... to be continued.

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