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Thursday, August 16, 2012

He Bears the Name of Former President of the Philippines and He Flees Like a Thief!

It's hilarious when someone who owes you a huge amount of money pretends not to see you and flees like a thief. It's even funnier when someone who stole things from you acts like she is one bit dignified and even displays and wears the things that she stole. Another kind of thief known to many is people who borrows things or money but never return the things borrowed nor pay you back.

I don't think they know that they are thieving though. Have you met people like these?

Unfortunately, I've met these thieves who are shameless for keeping things that don't belong to them. So please forgive me if I don't lend you any.

I don't know how thieves could sleep at night knowing full well that they keep money or things that don't belong to them. Would you be able to sleep at night if you owe someone a huge amount or if you keep things with you especially if they are expensive?

The first type of thief aforementioned was so arrogant and rudely-mannered. He looks down at people around him as if he owns everything and everyone within sight, perhaps he looks at his wife too as his property, who hardly said a thing during meetings. He is proud to wear the smirks on his face whenever he successfully insulted another person. Well, he is bloody rich. Does that mean he's got "license" to be ill-mannered?

I'm proud that I had the chance and guts to tell him off once or twice not to raise his voice at me. Elitists got to know that they can't just walk all over people who aren't rich like them. Wait! Perhaps he is arrogantly proud of himself because he bears the name of one of former presidents of the Philippines. I don't think there's relation though. I was not in the Philippines when this president seated so I'm not sure if thieving is what they have in common.

I telephoned a few times but never got response nor was my calls returned.

And that's all I'm gonna say.

The second thief literally stole things from my house while I was busy fixing food and drinks for the 'party'.  It's odd that she's damn proud to wear the things she stole. What's more ridiculously ill about this is that this thief has got the 'balls' to be rude to me in person and through social network. I don't understand why but I just laugh it off and ignore. I don't think I should stoop low the level of that pitifully creased-and-malnourished thief for just a few pieces of 'things' which, by the way, I worked hard for to send to England. I can work on "new ones" again.

God, forgive me please for being ill this moment.

Third thief borrowed a "collection" of mine and promised to take care of them and return to me as soon as he can. This person never returned my "collection" nor did he reply even though I've sent messages through cellphone and social network.

Ah well. Karma will get them, that I'm sure of.

May God Bless them! I pray that they realize soon that thieving is morally unacceptable. I pray also that I'm forgiven for having ill-feelings towards them.

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